Rasmussen Reports – Members of Congress Now Hold Least Favorably Regarded Position in the Country

Posted on September 27, 2009

With the economy continuing to be one of the major sore spots in the national headlines, Rasmussen now reports that members of  Congress hold the least respected jobs in the country.   Garnering only a 25% favorable rating (which includes a 4% highly favorable rating) and a 72% unfavorable rating (37% of that being highly unfavorable) , even the Democrats rate their own controlling party of both the House and Senate at a 56% unfavorable.   Surprising? 

I’m not sure why the Democrats would rate their own so unfavorably.  Perhaps they think their party isn’t doing enough, or their party isn’t implementing their agenda fast enough for their taste.  There are many comments to that effect sprinkled throughout the internet, especially when it comes to passing some sort of health insurance reform.  “Just pass it already” and “What are they waiting for?  They control both houses.” are common sentiments.

Republicans and non-party affiliated adults rate Congress with 86% and 81% unfavorables respectively.   No surprise here.

Anger about current federal government policies rates 66% “somewhat angry” with 36% of those saying they are “very angry.”   Of those polled, 59% believe anger is higher now than when George W. Bush was in office.

Now that Congress is back from its August recess with plans to resume health insurance reform and to take up cap and trade and immigration reform, don’t plan on seeing those anger levels decrease any time soon.   These are all major hot button issues and trying to push them all at once will ire those who think we are moving too quickly on the health insurance issue alone.

The atmosphere of dissatisfaction with the current federal policies have given Republicans a lead over Democrats in the Generic Congressional Ballot 42% to 38%. 

Next year brings  mid-term elections, and it will be interesting to see what will get pushed through in order to gain as many votes as possible by the incumbents.

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