Empire State Building to be lit Red and Yellow in Celebration of Communist China’s 60th Anniversary

Posted on September 28, 2009

 On Wednesday, in celebration of Communist China’s 60th Anniversary, the Empire State Building will be lit with red and yellow lights.   I. Kid. You. Not. See the official schedule .  And the announcement on Yahoo.  Is anyone else shocked by this?  Do the folks at the ESB not know the murderous history of Communist China?

Although exact numbers are not known, the book The Black Book of Communism estimates as many as 65,000,000 people were killed in China  under Mao Zedong.  According the Professor R. J. Rummel best estimates (Death by Government ), Communist China is second only to the Soviet Union in megamurders.

I tried to query past lighting celebrations to see if the Empire State Building had been lit for other such “ceremonious” occassions and could find none.  It’s amazing the staff at ESB has chosen to celebrate this occasion.

Color me appalled.

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