Harry Reid Declares There Will Be a Public Option

Posted on October 2, 2009

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported yesterday that Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), the Majority Leader in the Senate, said there will be a “Public Option” in whatever version of Health Insurance Reform that comes out of Congress.

Senator Reid claims a public option is “vitally important” in order to have a “level playing field” and prevent private insurers from “taking advantage of us.”

Points to Ponder:  How is the playing field level when the government doesn’t have to show a profit (when private insurers do), has a virtually limitless supply of money (taxpayer dollars and the ability to print more to add to their funds) , and gets to set the rules (coverage requirments, premium cost limits, profit margins, etc…) for all players involved? 

This is akin to playing monopoly with someone who brings a separate bag of money to draw from every time they run low, has the ability to change the terms (cost and rent) of the properties on the board, and tells you how many spaces you can move every time you have a turn. 

What happens when insurance companies can no longer keep up with the government regulations?  They end up going out of business, and we’re left with Single Payer.

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