Huh? Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize….

Posted on October 9, 2009

This is the  pretty much obligatory post about Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize.   I’m pretty shocked, as everyone else seems to be, since the nomination deadline for the prize was February 1, only a couple of weeks after our President took office, and who seems not to have accomplished much (except spend money we don’t have) since his  term has started.

The web is exploding with stories and there really isn’t much I can add.  For an excellent summary of opinions, I suggest perusing the thread at Hot Air .

After my own scanning of the coverage, my few points of interest to note are:

1. This seems to be another slap in the face of George Bush, who has received nothing but scorn and ridicule from most of the world for his “cowboy politics”.  The leftists in Europe continue to dance on the grave of his presidency and this just seems to be another opportunity to do so.

2.  This could be a warning to Obama to go easy on Iran when it comes to their development of all things nuclear.  Sounds a little hinky, but a couple of days ago, there was a story from Reuters quoting Kristian Berg Harpviken, head of the International Peace Institute in Oslo (PRIO) who said this about the Prize Committee:

“They want the prize to have an impact on things that are about to happen and want to affect events”

3. The nomination deadline for the prize was closed about 2 weeks after Obama took office.  This is far too short a time to honor him for any actual accomplishments of peace in the world.  When I first read the story it reminded me of what we do for our kids who are involved in extracurricular sports.  We end up purchasing a trophy to give them as a reward of a good effort, even if they don’t win a single game all season.  But in this case, the trophy has been given to Mr. Obama at the beginning of the season, before he’s even taken the field.

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