Global Warming….The Debate is NOT Over

Posted on October 10, 2009

From the BBC:

Here’s a new theory on how the global temperature varies based on solar particles and the ocean, in contrast to the current THEORY about CO2. 

Points to Ponder:

  • The earth has actually been cooling for the last eleven years even though our output of CO2 has risen. 
  • The cooling we’re seeing hasn’t been accurately predicted in climate models used by those same scientists who tell us CO2 will destroy our planet. 
  • The new theory suggested an approximate 30 year cycle of ocean temperatures driven by the sun’s energy, which in turn drives the Earth’s temperature.  Does anyone else remember the hysteria about “the coming ice age”  back in the 70’s after we’d seen years of cooler temps?

Interesting read. Let’s see how this theory is received in the scientific community.

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