McCain or Palin: Who Best Represents the GOP?

Posted on October 11, 2009

From Politico on October 2, 2009:

Fresh from a humbling loss in last year’s presidential election, Sen. John McCain is working behind-the-scenes to reshape the Republican Party in his own center-right image.

McCain is recruiting candidates, raising money for them and hitting the campaign trail on their behalf. He’s taken sides in competitive House, Senate and gubernatorial primaries and introduced his preferred candidates to his top donors.

Unlike those before him who have run for President of the United States and lost, John McCain is refusing to step back and listen to the base of the party whose nomination he carried. Instead, he is trying to redefine it to what he believes it should be. He’s actively pushing what he thinks are up and coming politicians who hold the same squishy right views as himself.

The man who only is in it only for himself is chosing to lead where few on the right want to follow,  towards cap and trade legislation, amnesty for illegal immigrants and other “Democrat light” policies.  He has already given us the much reviled McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform and he opposed George W. Bush’s tax cuts in Bush’s first term.  As a leader of the “gang of 14” he became a thorn in the side of many Republicans.  All of these actions, in addition to his current push for other politicians like himself, are those which show the arrogance of a man who will not sit down and take some time to reflect on why he lost the biggest election of all. 

Instead of holding himself and his staff accountable, after the November election, we heard much blame for the Republican loss cast upon McCain’s chosen running mate, Sarah Palin.  During the campaign she was lambasted and derided, belittled and mocked, and she took it all in stride and kept on going.  After the election was over, there were rumors floated by McCain’s own staff about the Alaska governor, adding fuel for the fire of the left to continue to attack Governor Palin in both her public and private life.  Remarkably, she’s  taken those attacks in stride as well.

Governor Palin has shown courage in sticking to her beliefs.  Her unwavering stand on energy independence, free markets, military strength, unashamed pride in country, and U.S. leadership in the world, has won her the hearts of many Republicans.  Their continued following of her is evident by the attention she garners via her chosen means of communication with the public, her Facebook page.  And if book sales are any indication of popularity, her book has hit  #1  on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and it hasn’t even been released yet.

While McCain and Palin have some similarities to each other, to Republicans their differences are huge.  With their different ideologies, there is a battle for how the GOP will look in 2010. 

Investor’s Business Daily  has a good editorial on the showdown.  Governor Palin has taken on some “heavyweight” advisers and she is growing in credibility.  She is very popular with “grassroot” Republicans and energizes them in way not seen in a long time, something McCain can’t seem to do.

So it comes down to McCain vs. Palin.  Whose views best represent the Republican party?

After living with John McCain as one of my Senators for many a year, I’m personally cheering for Palin.

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