Gallup: Palin’s Approval Slides, But Is It Really That Bad?

Posted on October 16, 2009

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Gallup has a poll out today remarking on the lowering approval rates of Sarah Palin (John Edwards numbers are also in the same poll results).  Palin’s approval is now down to 40%, her lowest ever.  This is down from approximately 48% in January of this year.  That’s an 8% drop.  

Although people like Allahpundit over at HotAir may try to make something out of this slide, I thought I’d compare Palin’s ratings to other political figures’ ratings during the same time frame to see if it was really that bad.

First, let’s look at President Obama.  The latest Gallup poll of his presidential approval ratings are here.  Obama started with an approval rating of 68% on Janurary 21, Inauguration Day, but has been declining ever since.  The latest approval rating through Gallup shows his numbers at 52%.  That’s a drop of 16%.

Next, let’s look at Nancy Pelosi.  Her Gallup ratings are here.  The latest they have numbers for Speaker Pelosi is from July.  Starting in January, Pelosi’s negatives are actually higher than her approval numbers.   A little estimating is needed while looking at the chart, but it seems her approval rating was approximately 40% in January to the latest of a 32% favorable in July.  A drop of 8% and 8% lower than Palin currently.

Lastly, let’s examine Congress’s ratings.  In January, Congress had a favorable rating of 19%.  Their favorables have actually gone up to 31% in August (the latest date Gallup reports), but this is still 9% below Palin.

In summary, Palin’s favorable rating has dropped about 8% to a low of 40%.  Obama’s approval numbers have dropped 16% in the same time frame, even with all the adulation from the media he has received and continues to receive.   Pelosi, well she’s dropped  8% as well, but her approval numbers are still below Palin’s.  And Congress is just pathetic with a 31% approval. 

Are Palin’s falling numbers a problem?  I don’t think so.  She has a huge following of conservatives, and given the continual beating from the “main stream media” that she takes, it’s amazing her losses have been restricted to single digits.

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