Mrs. Obama Goes Shopping for Veggies

Posted on October 19, 2009

Although this happened about a month ago, I found out some people hadn’t heard about it, so I thought I’d link to it.

From the Washington Post Colums (Sept. 18, 2009):

Q:  How many vehicles does it take for the First Lady to go shopping for veggies one block away from the White House?

A:  About 36 Secret Service and police vehicles and an armored limousine to carry the First Lady herself.

Of course, that’s only after the Farmer’s Market has been closed off and had the bomb-sniffing dogs take a run through to make sure all would be safe.

Read the column to find the irony of Mrs. Obama suggesting those on food stamps could get double their money to buy $19 per pound bison and an $8 loaf of cranberry bread. 

 “Let them eat cake” anyone? 

How about just sending a staffer out to pick up the stuff?

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