Please Newt, Say It Isn’t So

Posted on October 26, 2009

The Los Angeles Times has a story today about Newt Gingrich considering a run for the White House in 2012.  Although it’s too early to make a decision about this, Mr. Gingrich won’t rule it out:

“Callista and I are going to think about this in February 2011. And we are going to reach out to all of our friends around the country. And we’ll decide, if there’s a requirement as citizens that we run, I suspect we probably will. And if there’s not a requirement, if other people have filled the vaccum, I suspect we won’t.”

As much as Newt did for the country with his “Contract for America,” he needs to get this idea out of his head right now.  He was lambasted during his time as Speaker of the House and his political baggage is too great.  In addition, his joint ventures with Al Sharpton (education initiative) and Nancy Pelosi (global warming video-see Newsbusters) have many a conservative losing patience with the man and questioning his judegment.   Finally, the GOP needs to give up the “I’ve served my time, so it’s my turn,” mentality of choosing the next presidential nominee.   Bob Dole and John McCain were enough.

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