Leave It to Lieberman

Posted on October 27, 2009

From Politico:

Leave it to the man who was kicked out of the Democrat party and had to run as an independent to retain his senate seat, to confront Harry Reid and say “no” to the health care reform  bill.

Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) said Tuesday that he’d back a GOP filibuster of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s health care reform bill

 Lieberman, who caucuses with Democrats and is positioning himself as a fiscal hawk on the issue, said he opposes any health care bill that includes a government-run insurance program — even if it includes a provision allowing states to opt out of the program, as Reid has said the Senate bill will. 

Even with an opt-out plan for the states, Senator Lieberman said he’d oppose the plan because it creates another government entitlement for which taxpayers will be on the hook.

Lieberman, who is not opposed to health care reform is concerned about growing the national debt.

“I feel this way about a national, government-created health insurance company – whether it’s a trigger or not,” he said. “My answer is – we’re – we have the opportunity to do some great reforms here. These exchanges that we’re talking about, I think, are going to drive competition and probably bring the cost of health insurance down or at least contain the cost increases for a lot of people. Let’s give that two or three years to see how it works to see how it works before we talk about creating another entitlement that will end up increasing the national debt and putting more of a burden on taxpayers.”

It should be noted, from my understanding, that even if the states opt out of the government-run health care plan, they will still be taxed to pay for it.

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