Obama 2007: “We are not going to pass universal health care with a fifty plus one strategy.”

Posted on October 27, 2009

From Noel Sheppard over at Newsbusters:

Back in 2007, Mr. Obama stated that a working majority was crucial in being able to govern.  He even stated that he wasn’t going to pass universal health care or a “bold energy policy” with just a fifty plus one strategy.  From the audio clip of Candidate Obama at Newsbusters:

“You’ve got to break out of what I call the sort of 50 plus one pattern of presidential politics which is you have nasty primaries where everybody’s disheartened and beaten up. Then you divide the country 45 percent on one side, and 45 percent on the other, and 10 percent in the middle and (unintelligible) and Florida behind. And battle it out and then maybe you eke out a victory of 50 plus one. Then you can’t govern. You know, you get Air Force One, I mean there are a lot of nice perks for being president. But you can’t, you can’t deliver on healthcare. We are not going to pass universal healthcare with a 50 plus one strategy. We’re not going to have a serious, bold energy policy of the sort I proposed yesterday unless you build a working majority.”

Ah, those were the heady days when Mr. Obama claimed to be beyond partisan politics, before he twice referred to “mopping” up someone else’s mess and telling those who “made the mess” to get out of the way and be quiet.  That was before his administration took to war against Fox News, attacking it as non-credible, and in turn, inferring its viewers are uninformed and biased.

 But today, President Obama is not above petty politics.  His administration has spent more time fighting a war with Fox News than concentrating on what to do in Afghanistan or Iraq.  He has taken over a private automobile company (GM) and handed the control of it to his union cronies.  He has continued to spend money that the country doesn’t have, bringing the deficit to $1.4 Trillion and putting the dollar at risk. 

So, my question is, now that Senator Lieberman has said he will vote against the health care bill and the 60 votes for passage seem unreachable, will President Obama try the fifty plus one strategy after all?

Check out the site and watch the video.

My, how times have changed.