San Francisco: Driving Without a License? It’s Okay, This Time.

Posted on October 27, 2009

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From Real Clear Politics:

The city of San Francisco, which has declared itself a “sanctuary city'”  is looking out for illegal aliens.  In a new police policy, anyone caught driving without a license will not be subject to arrest and having their vehicle impounded any longer.  Instead they will be given a citation, and 20 minutes to “phone a friend,” who is licensed, to come and drive them home. 

Of course it isn’t about “immigration per se,” it can also help those who “can’t afford a license” or go through the driver training.

Nevermind that 29% of fatal crashes in California involve an unlicensed or “invalidly licensed” driver.   Don’t let public safety get in the way.

Read the article. The author correctly asks, “what about the bus,” BART, and the other modes of public transportation in San Francisco?  Sure, it’s not about illegal immigration. *wink*

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