Congressional Quarterly: 9 of 10 Most Vulnerable House Members are Dems

Posted on November 4, 2009

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If the Republican party is going to start trying to take back the House, these elections might be a good place to start.

Congressional Quarterly lists the “Top 10 Most Vulnerable House Members.”  Surprisingly, nine of the ten are Democrats:

  1. Bobby Bright, Alabama, 2nd District
  2. Steve Driehaus, Ohio, 1st District
  3. Alan Grayson, Florida
  4. Mary Jo Kilroy, Ohio, 15th District
  5. Frank Kratovil, Maryland, 1st District
  6. Betsy Markey, Colorado, 4th District
  7. Walt Minnick, Idaho
  8. Tom Periello, Virginia, 5th District
  9. Harry Teague, New Mexico, 2nd District

The tenth is Anh “Joseph” Cao (Republican, LA) who represents a district that went 75% for Barack Obama in 2008.  It seems the big reason he got the office in the first place was because he ran against William Jefferson who was riddled with scandal.  I wouldn’t suspect Cao will be able to hold on to his seat.

Although winning the nine offices listed above wouldn’t put Republicans back into control of the House, you have got to start somewhere, and the low-hanging fruit is always the easiest to get.

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