Obama Wants to “Spend Our Way” Out of Downturn

Posted on December 8, 2009


From AP via Breitbart:

President Barack Obama outlined new multibillion-dollar stimulus and jobs proposals Tuesday, saying the nation must continue to “spend our way out of this recession” until more Americans are back at work.

Without giving a price tag, Obama proposed a package of new spending for highway, bridge and other infrastructure projects, deeper tax breaks for small businesses and tax incentives to encourage people to make their homes more energy efficient.

Wasn’t the $787 billion stimulus plan passed back in February supposed to do just this?  Wasn’t it supposed to  provide “shovel ready” jobs and keep our unemployment under 8.5%?  Instead we are now at 10% unemployment (17% if you count those who are no longer looking for employment or those who have settled for part-time work in lieu of a full-time job).  And many of the “jobs saved or created” were jobs that weren’t in jeopardy. 

How about this idea?  Instead of trying to provide more tax dollars for certain industries, this time around we cut taxes for ALL of us?  The big corporations and unions got bailouts before, how about we just get to KEEP more of our money instead of sending it to Washington to be spent on some senator’s/representative’s/president’s pet project?

This would allow us to spend our money where we see fit, promoting growth in industries which we believe in and creating jobs in those industries?