George Soros Wants the U.S. to Put Its Money Where His is Mouth Is

Posted on December 10, 2009

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Billionaire hedge fund manager, George Soros, attended the climate summit in Copenhagen and claimed to have a solution to the financial problem of funding a fix to the non-existent man-made global warming crisis.

Here’s the Soros quote from the IBD Editorials blog:

“It is possible to substantially increase the amount available to fight global warming in the developing world,” he said. “All that is lacking is the political will. Unfortunately the political will will be difficult to gather because of the mere fact that it requires congressional approval in the United States.”

Ah yes, those pesky little people and their representatives are getting in the way of what Soros believes should be done to “save the planet.”

Apparently Soros thinks because he has billions, his voice should be put above those of other U.S. citizens.  This is what happens with the ultra rich.  They begin to think their wealth buys them political say.  And to him, it does, in some respects.  He funds special interest groups, political organizations, candidates campaigns and think tanks to try to push his personal views of what America should do.  But when all of his millions haven’t bought him the “change” for which he’s been pushing, he comes right out and blames congress (and via them, the people they represent).

Mr. Soros needs to remember that, regardless of his uber wealth, he is just another citizen, like any other citizen of this country, and all of our voices have a right to be heard.

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