Gitmo Detainees Stuck in Sunny Cuba for Another Year

Posted on December 23, 2009

Looks like President Obama’s promise to close Gitmo in a year won’t be happening as quickly as he thought.

From AP via Breitbart:

The Guantanamo Bay prison may not close until 2011 because it will take months for the federal government to buy an Illinois prison and upgrade it to hold suspected terrorists.

Congress must first appropriate money for the takeover of the Thomson Correctional Center and the necessary construction. Lawmakers wary of moving detainees from the Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, military base into the United States could balk at approving the funds. In the Senate, there’s always the chance of delaying tactics that could hold up the money for months.

Congress also needs to change a law prohibiting detention in the U.S. of detainees who are not awaiting trial.

Yes, we have to come up with more taxpayer money to buy the prison and pay for it to be upgraded (taking 10 months and surely done by union workers), and then pay for the continual operation and maintenance. 

In the meantime, the congress will need to change the law to allow for  detainment of prisoners not yet scheduled for trial. 

All of this just to keep a naive promise to close Gitmo and move these suspected terrorists to the very country they wish to destroy. 

Anyone else see the idiocy here?

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