Gallup Poll: Democratic Support Dips Below Majority Level in 2009

Posted on January 6, 2010

From Gallup:

The year 2009 marked the end of a three-year run of majority Democratic support among U.S. adults. Last year, an average of 49.0% of Americans identified as Democrats or said they leaned Democratic, the party’s first yearly average below 50% since 2005. Still, Democrats maintained an average eight-point advantage in support over Republicans last year, as 40.7% of Americans identified as Republicans or leaned Republican.

These numbers are averages for the year.  But, if you look at the poll data for the last quarter of 2009, the Democrats only had a 5% advantage (47.2% to 42.2%) over the Republicans.  And the most interesting thing:

The five-point party gap in the fourth quarter of 2009 represents the smallest Democratic advantage since the second quarter of 2005. Thus, the gains the Democratic Party made in public support during the last several years of the George W. Bush administration have disappeared. (emphasis mine)

Yep, all of the Democrat gains from the years of anti-war, “Bush lied, people died” protests have been swept away in just one year of “hope and change.”

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