Jobs Bill a “Cap and Trade” Trojan Horse?

Posted on January 28, 2010

From CQ Politics:

Despite the obituaries being written for Senate passage of a cap-and-trade bill this year, President Obama is expected to reiterate his call for comprehensive clean energy and climate change legislation and to rebrand it as part of his job-creation agenda.

It appears that “Cap and Trade” has achieved zombie-like status as something that just can’t be killed.   Despite the fact that much of the data used to promote the “global warming,” now called “climate change,” agenda has been proven to be falsified or innaccurate, the Obama administration seems to want to continue to keep the monster alive.” 

From the article:

At a clean energy forum Wednesday, White House energy and climate adviser Carole Browner previewed the energy and environment slice of the president’s State of the Union address.

Stressing the need for legislation to eliminate dependence on foreign oil, put a price signal on carbon emissions and mandate an increase in electricity from renewable sources, Browner stuck to the “jobs” script and never used the phrase “cap and trade.”

“This is about creating a new generation of clean energy jobs that will position us in a global market, and we need the legislation to do that,” she said.

Experts expect the president also to avoid the cap-and-trade label —which many lawmakers see as a confusing turn-off to voters — in his remarks to the nation, instead framing the plan with the rhetoric of jobs creation.

“Confusing-turn off to voters?”  I call BS.  Cap and Trade is not confusing at all.  It creates new taxes and limitations on traditional energy supplies in order to fund the development of renewable resources, all under the guise of “saving the planet.”  If included in the proposed bill, this legislation would drive up the cost of everything in our lives.  Anything that uses traditional energy sources will be more expensive in order to pay for the new tax demands.  In short, this administration wants to tax you out the wazoo in order to chase a pipe dream of “saving the planet,” which, as it turns out, seems not to need saving. 

Perhaps worst of all, it looks as if the democrats aren’t even going to be honest about their intentions any longer.  Instead of letting Cap and Trade legislation be debated and rise or fall on its own merits, it will instead be included under the guise of a “jobs” bill. 

Most transparent administration ever?  Yeah  right.