Now NOT Driving Your Car is Bad for the Environment Too

Posted on March 2, 2010

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From the Sydney Moring Herald:

Leaving the car at home and catching a train to work may not be as good for the environment as you think.

Vehicles sitting in the sun for days at a time can spew out damaging hydrocarbons – one of the main ingredients in smog, a federal government study has found.

Hydrocarbons are in the vapour that escapes from petrol tanks on a warm day. Most newer cars have canisters that trap them before they are released but if cars are left sitting for longer than 24 hours the canisters can fill up and stop working until the vehicle is driven, the Second National In-Service Emissions Study found.

So, if you park your car for more than a day, the emissions canister can become full to overflowing and dangerous hydrocarbons are released into the atmosphere.  What to do?

Well, until someone figures out a solution, I guess it’s back to driving everyday, it’s for the good of the environment, you know.