Want advice on laundering your income? Go to Brooklyn, it’s legal there.

Posted on March 2, 2010

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Well, maybe not “officially” legal, but it’s okay if you’re doing it while working for ACORN:

ACORN employees caught on video apparently advising a couple posing as a prostitute and her boyfriend to lie about her profession and launder her earnings did not commit a crime, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office said Monday.

Of course the ACORN representative for Brooklyn is pleased:

“We are gratified that the district attorney, after a thorough investigation, found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing by ACORN,” said a statement by Jean Sassine, a spokeswoman for the organization that has replaced ACORN’s Brooklyn operation.

In Brooklyn, the newly established New York Communities for Change “is committed to moving forward with management and transparency reforms and building a strong independent organization to advocate for low-income New Yorkers,” Sassine said.

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