Zombie: A Visual Tale of Two Americas

Posted on March 30, 2010

Just in case you missed it, Zombie (over at PJTV) has posted pics from two recently held political rallies.  The first is the Tea Party rally held in Searchlight, NV (Harry Reid’s hometown) on March 27, and the second is an anti-war rally held in L.A. on March 20.  Even though there was only 250 miles and 7 days separating the two events, I think you’ll find the two visions of America from each (one politically left and one politically right) are worlds apart.

Click here to see the pics.  I must also warn you that in one pic there is some language (can you guess which side used it?).  

If you like Zombie’s work, I suggest you click on the blog link in the right margin to take you to his/her website.  He/she does a great job capturing pics of the left in work.