Kay Bailey Hutchison: Just Another Politician

Posted on April 2, 2010

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Do you want to know why Congress’ approval rating stinks?  It’s because the people don’t trust the politicians any more. Why?  Because we don’t think they are looking out for us.  Instead, we believe they are more interested in keeping their jobs and looking out for themselves.  Case in point, Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, who is now reversing her promise of stepping down from her Senate seat, even if she lost to Rick Perry in the Republican primary for Texas governor.  From the L.A. Times:

Austin, Texas – Nearly four weeks after losing her bid to unseat Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison has abandoned plans to resign from the Senate, saying she intends to serve out her term to fight the growth of the federal government.

“For family reasons, I had planned to begin making a transition home to Texas this spring,” Hutchison said at a hurriedly called news conference Wednesday in San Antonio. “But it is clear to me that the stakes in our nation’s Capitol have never been higher.”

Hutchison’s pledge to finish the two-plus years left in her term contrasted with her earlier promises to give up her Senate seat regardless of the outcome of her unsuccessful race against Perry in the March 2 Republican gubernatorial primary. Hutchison initially said she would quit in late 2009, but she altered the timetable to peg her departure at some point after the primary. (emphasis mine)

I don’t care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat, your words and your actions are the only parameters by which people can judge your credibility. And when you make a promise to step down, regardless of whatever else happens, people expect you to do just that.  Otherwise, your word holds no credibility.  If you don’t intend to keep your promise, you shouldn’t make it in the first place.

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