Blog News of Note

Posted on April 9, 2010

News and commentary from my favorite blogs and websites:

After having his vote bought with a meaningless Executive Order to ban federal funding of abortions, Bart Stupak has now discovered the populus isn’t as stupid as he thought they were.  He’s taken the heat of his decision to vote for health care reform and now “can’t take no more.”  Representative Stupak is announcing today that he is retiring from Congress.

Judicial Watch has a page that keeps track of President Obama’s judicial nominations.

“Normal folk” aren’t the only ones being foreclosed on these days.  Nicholas Cage suffered the same fate with his $10.4 million Bel Air mansion on Wednesday.

An eye-opening article at the Washington Times on the increased drug gang violence in Mexico which shows possibilities of spilling over into our southwestern states. The type of violence has grown more and more heinous, now including beheadings and dismemberings.

Salon magazine captures my view of John McCain perfectly in their article, “John McCain’s no maverick — but he is a sore loser