69 Suspected Illegals “Rescued” from Drop House in Phoenix

Posted on April 27, 2010

From KPHO Channel 5 News:

Federal authorities said 69 suspected illegal immigrants, including two children and an infant, have been rescued from a drop house in Phoenix.

 A neighbor called police about 12:30 p.m. Tuesday and said he’d seen a pickup dropping off about 30 people Monday evening.

 Responding officers found the people inside the house and turned the case over to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

 Detectives said they believe those inside the drop house were undocumented immigrants at a stop on their way from Mexico.

 ICE spokesman Vincent Picard said there were no reports of mistreatment and no coyotes or human smuggling operatives were arrested.

Another day, another drop house found in the Phoenix Metro area.  I’m not sure about the “rescued” part of the story since the people didn’t seem to be suffering from any mistreatment and no coyotes or human smugglers were arrested.  Perhaps they were locked in the house?  That has happened before.  There have been numerous cases where illegal immigrants, once safely delivered into the U.S., are held for ransom until someone ponies up extra money in order to get those being held, released.  Or maybe these people were just waiting for the smugglers to return and load them up to deliver them to their next destination.  The story is not clear in that regard.

Either way, I’ve made a decision to start noting these stories on my blog so those not living in the southwestern United States will be able to get a better picture at exactly what goes on down near our southern border in regards to illegal immigration.  Please also note that the story doesn’t say what nationality the suspected illegals are, just that they’ve  made their way into the United States from Mexico.