More Than Half of Arizona Businesses Audited Have Illegal Workers

Posted on April 28, 2010

From KPHO 5 News (4/24/10):

PHOENIX — More than half of the Arizona businesses that had their workforces audited by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents since last July have been found to have illegal workers on their payrolls.

 Immigration department spokeswoman Virginia Kice says that 43 of the 84 companies screened in two rounds of audits have been sent letters listing employees whose employment eligibility is suspect.

 The agency’s policy is not to name the companies with illegal employees unless they are disciplined with a fine or other measure.

 Besides violation notices, two of the 43 companies with illegal workers were informed of pending fines. ICE agents did 40 of the audits last July and the other 44 in November.

The article does not state if these workers were being paid “under the table” or had forged documents on file.   And if the documents were forged, it is not clear if they had been checked through the e-verify system.