Illegal Immigrant/Immigration News Roundup — May 19, 2010

Posted on May 20, 2010

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A sampling of news stories related to illegal immigrants and illegal immigration:

  • Mexico’s President, Felipe Calderon, when visiting the United States today, took the opportunity to criticize Arizona’s new anti-illegal immigration law, S.B. 1070.  No mention of whether he thinks the U.S. should adopt Mexico’s illegal immigration laws instead.  Mexico’s illegal immigration laws are significantly harsher than the one passed in Arizona, click here to read a summary.
  • In direct contrast to Arizona’s wanting to enforce immigration law, the sheriff in San Francisco and many of the city’s officials are concerned about their ability to uphold their sanctuary city ordinance if the city must follow the new ICE program calling for the checking of fingerprint data against federal immigration databases.
  • A 17-yr-old boy was arrested after being found hiding in his mother’s restaurant. He was wanted for re-entering the country after deportation.  He’d previously been deported on a felony weapons conviction.
  • There was quite the uncomfortable moment today when First Lady Michelle Obama, doing what first ladies do, was informed by a second grader, while on camera, that the little girl’s mother was in the country illegally.  Whoops!  Maybe Mrs. Obama could set this little girl’s mom up with the same lawyer President Obama’s Aunt Zeituni got who’s since won Aunt Zeituni’s right to stay here in the U.S. even though she was ordered deported in 2004.