Want Your Kid to Mow the Lawn Without Having to Nag? Get This.

Posted on May 22, 2010

Spring is waning and summer is fast approaching.  All across the nation, the youth of America are being “reminded,” or more accurately “nagged,” to get their butts outside already and mow the lawn.  Well, if you want your junior to step up to the plate, the most surefire way to get his eager participation in the project is to get him one of these:


“What is it?” you ask.  That, my dear friend, is the world’s fastest lawnmower.  Clocking in at a top speed of just over 86 mph, this fine beauty will have your youth begging to not only cut your lawn, but those of the entire neighborhood, for free! 

Just make sure that when he’s done with your yard, you send him over here.  It will only take him a couple of minutes, literally, to cut our grass as well.

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