Illegal Immigrant/Immigration News Roundup — May 25, 2010

Posted on May 25, 2010

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A sampling of news stories related to illegal immigrants and illegal immigration:

  • Big news?  Well, sort of.  President Obama has announced that he will be sending 1,200 National Guard troops to the southern border and increasing funding for border security by $500 million.  Sounds good?  Well it’s less than half the 3,000 requested by Arizona’s two senators and $500 million seems a bit short on the money scale.  Will it be effective? Probably not.  As Allahpundit points out, we’ve danced this dance before.  And Michelle Malkin  reminds us border security has been used as a campaign ploy in previous election seasons.  Look for a Democrat push for “immigration reform” and a “path to citizenship” next.
  • The protest march organizers against SB 1070 predict there will be upward of 50,000 people marching in Phoenix on Saturday.
  • A group of police chiefs are traveling to Washington to meet with Attorney General Eric Holder on Wednesday to express their concerns about Arizona’s new anti-illegal immigration law, SB 1070.   The chiefs are from all over the country including Arizona, California, Texas, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.  When people wonder why law enforcement can be sued under the new SB 1070 law, it’s for reasons like this.  There are many, including some in law enforcement, who for whatever reason, don’t like SB 1070 and may not chose to enforce it when they find someone in the country illegally.  The threat of legal action against law enforcement is a way to try and hold them accountable for choosing not to enforce a law.
  • The ACLU, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund, and other groups are judge shopping and asking their lawsuit against S.B. 1070 be reassigned to another judge currently assigned to hear a similar case brought by separate groups. 
  • A group of Mexican senators are coming to Arizona to  “listen to opinions about the U.S. state’s immigration law.”   The delegation plans to meet with the Mexican consul and plan what action to take should the Arizona law go into effect as planned on July 29.
  • A van full of suspected illegals was pulled over and all the occupants tried to flee the scene.  19 people were arrested.
  • Fox 5 out of San Diego has some must see photos of “bizarre border busts” including one man who was sewn into a van seat in attempt to evade detection at the San Diego port of entry.
  • L.A. labor leaders are planning to send five bus loads of people to Arizona on July 29, the day SB 1070 takes effect.  The protestors will be leaving their identification behind them in L.A.
  • Five suspected illegal immigrants were arrested in the San Diego area trying to enter the country by boat.