Why We Must Secure the Borders Now

Posted on June 4, 2010

I live in Arizona.  Life here the past six weeks or so has seen the outright hysteria of the left rallying against our new anti-illegal immigration law, SB 1070.  Most opponents don’t like the law, claiming it’s either “racist” or will “lead to racial profiling”.  Instead, the protestors want “comprehensive immigration reform.”  Well, as a supporter of SB 1070, I’ll let you in on a little secret.  I’d be willing to sit down and talk immigration reform if the left would agree to secure the border FIRST.  Do it right now, lock it up tight and make sure anyone coming here comes through channels we can monitor.   If it isn’t a port of entry, there needs to be a fence, or layers of fencing with heavy monitoring to catch as many people entering illegally as we can.  Once that is done, we can talk reform.  If the left won’t agree to that, then all bets are off. 

You know why?  Because securing the border is not just about illegal immigration, it’s about national security.  Take this little item from National Terror Alert:

An alleged plot by a Mexican drug cartel to blow up a dam along the Texas border — and unleash billions of gallons of water into a region with millions of civilians — sent American police, federal agents and disaster officials secretly scrambling last month to thwart such an attack, authorities confirmed Wednesday.

Whether or not the cartel, which is known to have stolen bulk quantities of gunpowder and dynamite, could have taken down the 5-mile-long Falcon Dam may never be known since the attack never came to pass.

It may have been derailed by a stepped-up presence by the Mexican military, which was acting in part on intelligence from the U.S. government, sources said.

The warning, which swung officials into action, was based on what the federal government contends were “serious and reliable sources” and prompted the Department of Homeland Security to sound the alarm to first responders along the South Texas-Mexico border.

Mexico’s Zeta cartel was planning to destroy the dam not to terrorize civilians, but to get back at its rival and former ally, the Gulf cartel, which controls smuggling routes from the reservoir to the Gulf of Mexico, said Zapata County Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez, head of the Southwest Border Sheriff’s Coalition, as did others familiar with the alleged plot.

But in the process, massive amounts of agricultural land would stand to be flooded as well as significant parts of a region where about 4 million people live along both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border.

Although this apparent attack wasn’t about terrorizing civilians in the U.S., the results would have been a disaster.  And it makes the point that issues with the border are not just about illegals coming to look for jobs here in the U.S. 

The point of securing the border first is that, unlike the above attack which wasn’t a terror attack against civilians, the porous border allows pretty much anyone with the will, including terrorists, to cross into the country much the same way illegal immigrants do when crossing to look for jobs.  A terrorist may pay a coyote to provide him passage into the U.S. or attempt to walk across himself.   And, a terrorist with evil intentions may not come empty-handed.  He may bring with him weapons (chemical, biological, etc…) and plans to use them against us. 

This is why we have to secure the border.  We need to KNOW who is coming into our country and be able to scrutinize them for possible red flags that might mean trouble for U.S. citizens.  Securing the border first means making sure you cut to the barest minimum the ability to cross illegally into our country by both those with innocent and not so innocent intentions.  Once that is done, we can talk about immigration reform.  But until then, Americans need to realize is border security is national security and it only takes one undetected terrorist crossing into our country with a weapon of mass destruction to make that point.