Government Waste at its Finest: Federal Funds to Build Squirrel Bridges —– Update: Squirrel Bridges Cancelled

Posted on June 17, 2010

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I kid you not. 

From Fox Phoenix News:

MOUNT GRAHAM, Ariz. – Arizona is using a $1.25 million federal grant to build bridges for an endangered species of squirrel.

In southeast Arizona, about 250 Mount Graham red squirrels remain, and are in danger of dying out.

A grant from Federal Highway Administration would fund the construction of 40 rope bridges across a mountain road so that they don’t become roadkill.

About 5 squirrels die per year when they are hit by cars.

A $1.25 million grant to save 250 squirrels evens out to $5,000 per squirrel.

A Graham County supervisor says the $1.25 million would be better spent on improving roads for people. He also points out, there’s no guarantee the squirrels would use the rope bridges.

Unbelievable waste of money to save FIVE squirrels PER YEAR.


Even though common sense may have not gotten the project cancelled, it looks like public ridicule got the job done. From MyFoxPhoenix:

About 5 squirrels die each year when they are hit by cars. The project would try to counter that, but there was no guarantee the squirrels would actually use the bridge.

Criticism from the community over the preservation project has prompted ADOT to cancel.

The $1.25 Million will be used for some other “enhancement” project or returned to Washington, if necessary, where I’m sure it will spent more wisely.  And if you believe that, I’ve got a squirrel bridge for sale in Arizona.

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