Illegal Immigrant/Immigration News Roundup — June 22, 2010

Posted on June 22, 2010

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A sampling of news stories and commentary related to illegal immigrants and illegal immigration:

  • Apparently there are a few oases of rational thought in the California wasteland of political correctness and liberal lunacy.  Some California cities are now expected to endorse Arizona’s new anti-illegal immigration law SB-1070.
  • Via Cubachi, Arizona’s senior senator John McCain has Arizona junior senator John Kyl’s back over Kyl’s claim that President Obama is not willing to discuss securing the border without agreeing to some kind of “comprehensive immigration reform” included in the deal.  Of course this is the case.  See my blog posting from May 6.
  • Mexico’s government is following our own federal government’s lead in bashing the new Arizona law.  Lawyers representing the country filed a “friend of the court” brief in support of a lawsuit filed in federal court asking SB-1070 to be declared unconstitutional.  I think we should ask President Philipe Calderon if he would be happy if the Arizona law was modeled after the immigration laws on the books in his own country.  Would that be satisfactory?  More in-depth commentary at HotAir.
  • Fox News is reporting that drug cartels have permanent look outs positioned ON AMERICAN SOIL tracking movements of Border Patrol and law enforcement in order to try to navigate their illegal smuggling groups across the border.
  • Due to the passage of SB-1070 in Arizona, illegal immigrants continue to leave the state.  Some are returning to their home countries and others are moving to different states.
  • Put Chula Vista, CA on your list of cities denouncing Arizona for its new anti-illegal immigration law.