Russell Pearce, The Man Behind SB-1070, Interviewed on Fox 10 News

Posted on June 22, 2010

With illegal immigration having become the white-hot topic it is today, Fox 10 News (Phoenix) sat down for a “newsmaker” interview with the man who is the driving force behind the new SB 1070 anti-illegal immigration law, Russell Pearce.   While SB-1070 is the law which has garnered the most attention, State Senator Pearce (R) is also responsible for other laws which confront the illegal immigration problem in Arizona.  He is responsible for Prop 200 (“Protect Arizona Now”) which was written to stop voter and welfare fraud and the employer sanctions law which went into effect in 2008 which fines employers for knowingly hiring illegal immigrants. 

In the first part of this three-part  interview, State Senator Pearce talks about his most recent effort to address the 14th amendment outlining birthright citizenship.  Senator Pearce discusses  its origins, and what he sees as the abuse of it today in granting citizenship to children born to illegal immigrant parents here in the United States.   State Senator Pearce claims that a constitutional amendment is not required to address this issue, only a clarification by the congress.  He also says he is working with two congressmen to do just that.  Mr. Pearce also discusses SB-1070 and its challenge by the federal government. 

Part two of the interview continues with more discussion on SB-1070 as well as discussion on illegal immigration in general and how the past decades have brought us to the turmoil we are in today.

The final part is mostly a recap and State Senator Pearce answers the question of what plans he might have for the future. 

All three segments take about 25 minutes to watch.  If you’re wondering what makes this guy tick, I’d recommend watching them all.  Click the link in the first paragraph to go to the Fox 10 page.

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