50% Rate Obama as “Poor” on the Economy

Posted on July 11, 2010

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Rasmussen reports today that in their latest telephone survey of 1,000 likely voters, 50% of them rate President Obama’s handling of the economy as “poor.”  That’s the lowest ranking of any of the choices given (excellent, good, fair, poor, and not sure) and the only one that doesn’t at least give him some credit….for something.  Other specifics from the same report:

Thirty-six percent (36%) give Obama good or excellent marks for his handling of economic issues.

Just after his inauguration but before he had actually initiated any policies, 52% rated the president’s handling of economic matters as good or excellent, while only 25% viewed his performance in this area as poor.

Confidence in the president’s handling of the economy began to drop in late June 2009 following a disappointing report on job creation. At that time, the Administration had passed the $787-billion economic stimulus plan and taken over General Motors and Chrysler. Additionally, debate had just begun on health care reform.

The President does have time to turn the numbers around to save his own bid for reelection in 2012, but things are not looking so cheery for Democrats running this year in the midterms.  This is especially true for those who voted to go along with all the unpopular items pushed through since President Obama took office 18 months ago.