Will the NRA endorse Harry Reid to guarantee no “Majority Leader Senator Schumer?”

Posted on July 13, 2010

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The topic has been floating around a bit on the internet. And, while I really didn’t think the NRA would actually come out for Harry Reid,  an excerpt from a New York Times article today makes me wonder if it might not be so:

A point of contention on both the left and the right is the N.R.A.’s close working relationship with Mr. Reid, the Senate leader who helped get a number of pro-gun rights measures included in broader bills.

That relationship has led some gun rights supporters to lobby against the idea that the N.R.A. might endorse Mr. Reid in his tough re-election campaign this November in Nevada.

The N.R.A. is not tamping down speculation. While Mr. Cox said the group had not decided on any endorsements, he pointed to what he considered an unattractive alternative if Mr. Reid loses and the Democrats hold power. “I’ll give you four words: Majority Leader Chuck Schumer,” he said.

Mr. Reid, for his part, does not run from his support for the N.R.A. His office noted that he had been a longtime “champion of the Second Amendment.”

Even the White House is now admitting that the Republicans look like they can take back the House this November, but the Senate is another matter.  If Harry Reid does lose, but the Democrats retain Senate control, Senator Schumer just may be the new majority leader; something the NRA definitely doesn’t want.  How far will the NRA go to guarantee no “Majority Leader Schumer?”  Here’s the NRA statement on the Reid race.  Things that make you go hmmmmm.