Blog News of Note — July 16, 2010

Posted on July 16, 2010

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News stories and commentary you shouldn’t miss:

  • TEA party favorite, Representative Michele Bachmann, filed the paperwork today to create the House TEA party caucus.
  • The preliminary Social Security numbers for June 2010 don’t look good.
  • Hugo Chavez, that great socialist leader in Venezuela, was looking for a distraction from his disastrous policies, so he decided to exhume the body of Simón Bolívar.  Maybe Sean Penn or Danny Glover got front row seats for the show….
  • First Lady Michelle Obama will be making her second trip to the gulf next week. This will be the second trip to the region within a month.  The first lady made a previous trip to encourage families across the nation to vacation in the area to help businesses affected by the oil spill.  Mrs. Obama will be returning to the gulf after she and her family return from their vacation in Maine
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