Think Progress Tries to Smear TEA Party Activists as Racists

Posted on July 19, 2010

I’m including this in the blog just to make sure I do my part to spread the word about the lying liberal organization Think Progress.

This is directly from the Washington Times Opinion section.  Kerry Picket writes how the leftists over at Think Progress put together an ad smearing the TEA party participants as racists.  In the ad, clips from supposed TEA parties are edited together giving an overall picture that racist behavior abounds at these events.  One man, who claims he’s proud to be a racist makes a stunning impression in the ad. 

What the ad DOES NOT show you is that the clip of the “proud racist” is taken from a much longer segment where the racist is confronted by TEA partiers, told his message isn’t wanted there, and that he does not belong with them.  The man is then followed around the event and denounced.  But LIES to the viewer and makes them think the gentleman is accepted and free to participate in the event.  

Here is the first HEAVILY EDITED video:

Here is the original video:

As you can see, the second video clearly shows how the self-proclaimed racist is confronted and told numerous times he is not welcome at the rally.  But the Think Progress video leads you to believe another story altogether.  While I’m sure there are a few kooks out there that hold such despicable views, they are not representative of the vast majority who make up the TEA party and believe in its message of fiscal responsibility and smaller government. 

Ms. Picket of the Washington Times also notes that some of the video clips from the Think Progress smear ad cannot even be verified to have happened at a TEA party event.  There’s something to think about given how much the one video was edited and manipulated above.  Some scenes in the Think Progress video don’t even show any TEA party activities in the background at all.  So how can we be sure of how much of the video is even authentic TEA party footage?  Given the example above, I’d be willing to bet at least some of the footage used by Think Progress didn’t even come from a TEA party event. 

What is even more shocking is to find out that Think Progress is a project from the Center for American Progress Fund (it’s noted in their About Us section on their site).  The head of the Center for American Progress Fund is no other than John Podesta,  Bill Clinton’s former Chief of Staff! Can you believe that someone who was once associated so closely with a President of the United States is involved in such a deceit on the American people?  And, to try to accomplish this deceit by smearing fellow Americans, that’s utterly reprehensible.

By the way, if you’d like to see for yourselves how the smear video is still being shown as proof of racism at the tea parties, you can visit their site yourself.  I refuse to link to the detestable organization, so I’ll only tell you its their name with a “dot” org extension.

One more thing.  This is for the liberals who might read this.  The Think Progress ad was made for you.  It wasn’t made for the conservatives who participate in the TEA party movement.  No, it was made for you.  It was made to try and manipulate your feelings and get you riled up enough to go out and vote in November.  How do YOU like being USED and LIED TO by organizations who are supposed to share your values?

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