Unbelievable: Troops Won’t Be Deployed to Border by August 1 as Promised by DHS

Posted on July 29, 2010

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Not that they’ll be helping that much anyway.  The last time National Guard Troops were deployed to the border (as will be the case this time) they only played a support role to Border Patrol. 

Regardless, as much as Arizona has already been slapped down by the feds, this just continues to add insult to injury:

An Arizona National Guard spokesman said troops will not begin bolstering security along the Arizona border this Sunday, despite what was announced by the Departments of Homeland Security and Defense 10 days ago.

“We won’t have any units deployed by August 1,” said Lt. Valentine Castillo, a public-affairs officer. “We don’t yet know when troops will actually arrive.”

On July 19, Homeland Security issued a news release headlined, “Obama administration announces Aug. 1 National Guard deployment to support federal law enforcement along the Southwest border.”

At the same time, in a commentary written for The Arizona Republic, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano wrote that deployment of troops – including 524 assigned to Arizona – “will begin on August 1 to coincide with the (Homeland Security) resources being surged to the Arizona border.” Napolitano said the surge is to include reassignment of hundreds of Border Patrol agents and port inspectors to Arizona, along with aircraft and other technology.

The Arizona Republic and media nationwide published stories announcing the National Guard deployment date based on those representations, which came after months of demands by politicians in Washington and in border states who contend that federal agents on the border need military reinforcements.

What’s the cause of the delay?:

Jack Harrison, a spokesman there, said announcements earlier this month were “over-interpreted. . . . We’ve said all along that there’s a ramp-up time. . . . In a general sense, Guard members will begin the process of receiving required training on or about the first of August.”

Castillo said Sunday would be the first date when soldiers might arrive on the border. But that will not happen in Arizona, he said, because the National Guard here is still seeking, screening and training volunteers.

“We have until the end of September to fill the 524 slots,” Castillo said. “They’re giving us August 1 as the first day we can put troops on the border. But we’re not going to be able to.”

And people wonder why the populous has ABSOLUTELY NO FAITH in today’s government.