Blog News of Note — August 5, 2010

Posted on August 5, 2010

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News stories and commentary not to be missed:

  • Please check out Cubachi’s post on The Broken Window Fallacy. It contains not only the explanation, but also, an easy to understand video which exemplifies how government spending actually limits job growth in the private sector. 
  • The Washington Examiner has two excellent articles by Byron York on the Obama administration and its Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department.  Highly informational and a bit troublesome, Mr. York’s articles are another clue into how this administration is using its power in ways not done before.  The articles are “Obama’s zealous civil rights enforcer gets busy” and “Justice Department steers money to favored groups.”
  • Charles Krauthammer comments on what he sees as administration overreach by the White House.
  • 13% of the DUI arrests in Prince William County (in the Commonwealth of Virginia and part of the Washington DC metro area) are illegal immigrants
  • Victor Davis Hanson on Illogical Immigration.
  • A former defense lobbyist was charged on Thursday with making thousands of dollars in illegal campaign contributions.  Although the lobbying group contributed to both parties, by far and away the largest amounts went to Democrats (deceased Representative Murtha being the highest recipient with over $2 million).