Wackiest Phobia I’ve Ever Heard

Posted on August 25, 2010

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Spiders? Snakes? Enclosed spaces?  A nuclear holocaust?

There are lots of things that make more sense to me to be afraid of other than these.  But hey, I guess that’s why it’s an irrational fear, right?

From ABC 15:

She hyperventilates and sweats. She trembles and becomes sick to her stomach.

A British woman claims that even the sight of bananas makes her go, well, bananas.

Fran Dando, 21, claims to be one of a handful of people who suffer from bananaphobia – an irrational and debilitating fear of bananas.

Dando told the Daily Mail that her terror of the curved yellow fruit began at the age of seven, when her brother pulled a prank on her by putting a banana in her bed.

“I climbed into bed and, as I lay down, I felt this horrible slimy thing underneath my body. I had no idea what is was, but it frightened the life out of me,” she told the Daily Mail. “Ever since then, if I see one, the same feeling comes back over me again.”

Dando told the paper her phobia is “embarrassing,” and admitted that “it is such a nonsensical fear.”

It’s true.  You do learn something everyday.

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