Even Reporting on the Violence in Mexico Can Be Dangerous

Posted on August 26, 2010

Found this while perusing Breitbart TV

The drug cartel violence in Mexico is ever-increasing.  Reports say more than 28,000 people have been killed since President Felipe Calderon started his crackdown on the cartels in 2006.  Now even reporting on the violence can put your life in danger:

While the violence in Mexico is disturbing, there is an increasing  fear that it will spread into the United States.  My guess would be that it already has in limited measure. 

Yesterday, I blogged about a recent I.C.E. operation in Arizona where 102 gang members were arrested.   Seventy-five percent of those arrested are here illegally.  And by personal experience I can tell you, in my Phoenix neighborhood, there are numerous graffiti tags, some of which refer to the infamous MS-13. 

My question, though, is this. With the drug cartel and gang violence growing every day in Mexico, will our government use that as an excuse to delay deportations of  illegal immigrants from Mexico because returning them to their home country might put their lives in danger?  A mass temporary protected status  if you will, for the millions of illegal immigrants here today?  Is it unreasonable to think that the government might allow illegal immigrants to stay in the country under this status while it works on “comprehensive immigration reform?”  The Secretary of Homeland Security is the person who decides which countries qualify for TPS, not the congress.

I’m not sure how realistic this idea is.  I’m just thinking outside the box.  But given our government’s seeming unwillingness to take the issue of illegal immigration seriously, this might provide immigration reform supporters cover if the immigration battle heats up even farther.   It’s just a thought.

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