Latino Group Calls for Boycott of Budweiser Products

Posted on August 26, 2010

American und Tchech Budweiser in Tray

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A Latino group is calling for a boycott of Budweiser products because the Arizona distributor made donations to the politicians who voted to pass Arizona’s new SB-1070 law.     

From MyFoxPhoenix:   

PHOENIX – The Latino group Somos America has announced a boycott of Budweiser products in Arizona, targeting Hensley Beverage Company, which distributes Bud and Bud Light.   

Hensley Beverage Company made political contributions to state lawmakers who voted in favor of SB 1070.   

Somos America, Spanish for “We are America,” says SB 1070 leads to fear and hate towards the Latino community, so until Hensley publicly denounces the law, people should not buy Bud or Bud Light.   

“I will no longer drink Budweiser. It has been a favorite of mine but no more, I refuse to give my money to enterprises that finance sponsors of hateful public policies that hurt me, my family, my neighbors, and hurt the state of Arizona,” says Roberto Reveles from Somos America.   

Somos America says it’s met with Hensley attorneys but has gotten nowhere. The distribution company refused an interview, but sent a statement saying it is deeply disappointed.   

Interestingly, Cindy McCain, the wife of Senator John McCain, is from the Hensley family, and according to this story  she is the controlling stockholder of the company and chairwoman of the board of directors.    

Apparently the boycott is not supposed to be aimed at the McCains, but that’s hard to believe since it’s their business which made the contributions and their business which will suffer any financial losses as a result.   There is no mention in the story of what changes the protestors might like to see in order to rethink their position.  

 Regardless, if you enjoy boycotts/counter-boycotts (or “buycotts”) , here’s your chance to get involved.  And, if you’re a beer drinker, it’s an excuse to go out and by some beer, in support of SB-1070, of course.  What could be better?  

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