Need a Job? Drug Cartels are Recruiting in Phoenix Bars

Posted on August 27, 2010

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Just how desperate have times become in this economy? 

From MyFoxPhoenix. These are NOT the kind of jobs we were hoping for:

PHOENIX – Mexican drug cartels — recruiting in the valley? It’s true. Law enforcement officials say they’re finding new hires in local bars.

Arizona’s high unemployment rate and proximity to the border is making the state a fertile recruiting ground for drug and human smuggling cartels. And investigators say these dangerous gangs are doing their hiring in valley bars, looking for people desperate for money and employment.

Cpt. Kevin Zumbo with IMPACT Task Force, admits it’s a tough pill to swallow, but it is occurring in the Phoenix metro-area.

“Whether they meet someone in a bar or restaurant they will recruit anyone,” says Cpt. Zumbo. “Right now, as we speak, it’s happening every day.”

The cartels are looking for U.S. citizens who can blend in with society and won’t raise suspicion.

“Citizens know how to blend in… they know if they are stopped they won’t be detained.”

It’s quite a sad commentary that times have gotten so bad citizens are willing to turn to crime in order to make money.  And, worse yet, given the violence so readily perpetrated by the drug cartels and human smuggling gangs, these same people may be putting themselves at risk for harm in the future.  A sad state of affairs, indeed.