Suspect in Cabbie Stabbing Once Worked for Interfaith Group Which Has Supported Building the Ground Zero Mosque

Posted on August 27, 2010

Well, look here.  I guess he wasn’t some Islam hating right-wing radical nut after all, as many would like to believe.

From the Washington Times:

NEW YORK (AP) | The suspect in the stabbing of a New York Muslim cabbie once volunteered with an interfaith group that has supported the mosque near ground zero and showed no anti-Muslim prejudice in his Afghanistan war journal – a background contradicting claims the attack was an anti-Muslim hate crime. (emphasis mine)

Baby-faced college student Michael Enright, according to authorities, used a folding knife to slash the neck and face of a Bangladeshi cabdriver after the driver said he was Muslim.

Mr. Enright was so drunk and incoherent when arrested that he was taken to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, police said. (emphasis mine)

He was later taken to court and then remained jailed without bail Thursday on hate crime charges.

“Of course it was for my religion – he attacked me after he knew I was a Muslim,” driver Ahmed Sharif said at a news conference after meeting with Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg at City Hall.

Mr. Enright was found with two composition-style notebooks on him that contained details of his experiences embedded with U.S. forces in Afghanistan but did not appear to contain any anti-Muslim rants, a law enforcement official told the Associated Press. (emphasis mine)

 He was carrying the journals in a bag along with an empty bottle of scotch, the official told AP on the condition of anonymity. (emphasis mine)

As much as the cabbie and supporters of the Ground Zero Mosque would like you to believe that this crime was committed because Enright hated Muslims, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence, so far, that supports that claim.  Instead it seems the guy had way too much to drink and went loopy.  Drunk enough to call for a psych evaluation is pretty drunk.  It will be interesting to read any information gleaned from the psych evaluation, if it is released.  But for now, anti-Muslim hatred doesn’t seem to be the motivation for the attack.


From the Wa. Times today:

NEW YORK (AP) — A college student accused of slashing a taxi driver because he is a Muslim was moved from jail to a psychiatric ward, corrections officials said Friday.

Michael Enright, 21, of Brewster, N.Y., was accused of using a folding knife to slash the face and neck of the driver, Ahmed H. Sharif, an immigrant from Bangladesh, on Tuesday night after asking whether he’s a Muslim. Mr. Enright was moved from the Rikers Island jail to Bellevue Hospital on Thursday night, said Correction Department spokesman Stephen Morello.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said authorities see the attack as an isolated incident rather than evidence of a trend in anti-Muslim crimes.

I await the apologies by the left for blaming the attack on hatred stirred up by the TEA Party movement and the “radical right-wing.”   I’m sure it won’t take long…..

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