Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s SB-1070 Legal Defense Fund Now Tops $3.5 Million

Posted on September 4, 2010

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Donations continue to roll in to help Governor Jan Brewer and the state of Arizona defend its new SB-1070 law against a group of lawsuits, including one filed by the federal government.  The fund has received contributions from 41,000 donors nationwide to total over $3.5 million, but got its single largest donation in the sum of $1.5 million from a Wyoming man.

From MyFoxPhoenix:

PHOENIX (AP) — A Wyoming man has given more than $1.5 million to help defend Arizona’s controversial immigration enforcement measure in court, Gov. Jan Brewer’s office said Thursday.

The contribution from Timothy Mellon of Saratoga is the largest to Brewer’s defense fund, which has amassed more than $3.6 million from 41,000 donors nationwide. Mellon could not immediately be reached for comment.

Mellon’s Aug. 18 donation was 300 times more than the next-largest contribution of $5,000 — an amount donated by at least four people, records show.

 I would only expect the amount to continue to increase, perhaps substantially, given recent revelations about the feds also suing Sheriff Joe Arapaio and Maricopa County Community College.  Arizona is clearly seen as the victim here. While the state is understood by most as trying to deal with the illegal immigration problem, all the federal government does is offer up a pittance of help while slamming the state with litigation.