SEIU’s Eliseo Medina: Immigration Reform Means Millions of New Democrat Voters

Posted on September 6, 2010

“Comprehensive immigration reform,” these are the buzzwords we keep hearing from the left as something that is needed to address the illegal immigration problem in this country.  As if suddenly granting citizenship (or a pathway to citizenship) to all of those here illegally would solve the problem of illegal immigration.  It wouldn’t.  The only thing it would do is to encourage more people to come here illegally in hopes of some future date when they may be granted legal status as well. 

Amnesty was granted to millions of illegals during the Reagan administration, but along with that legislation came a promise to secure our borders to prevent us landing in the same situation again.  That promise was never kept.  Since then, we’ve seen more and more illegals entering the country, not only via our southern border, but by the overstaying of visas (appx. 6 million fall into this category) to bring estimates up to around 12 million illegals residing in the country.  Now we find ourselves where we weren’t ever supposed to be again, in the same situation as we were when Reagan was in office. 

Illegal immigration is again on the front burner, and while President Obama claims to be working diligently on border security, he and Democrats alike are pushing for “comprehensive immigration reform.”  These  calls for immigration reform may be dressed in the attire of helping those who “just came here for a better life,” but in reality, Democrats (and some Republicans) are looking farther down the road than that.  As Service Employees International Union’s Executive Vice President (SEIU) Eliseo Medina explains, helping illegals get citizenship status is a battle in which illegals will remember who was fighting on their behalf and will be a long-term for a political payoff for the Democrats in the form of another guaranteed voting bloc. 

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It is disgusting that our politicians and the political power players (on both the left and the right) see this situation as just another way they can write and pass legislation to guarantee their own political power in the future.  Do they even bother to ask themselves if this is what’s best for the country and those of us they are supposed to be “serving?” 

How about immigration reform that actually enforces the laws we have on the books now?  How about instead of granting a pathway to citizenship, illegals could only be eligible for some type of temporary renewable visa with no possibility of citizenship (and the privileges that go with it) unless they returned to their home country and re-entered legally?    This would allow them to stay without granting them the grand prize for breaking our laws.  Why should they be given the privilege of voting and eligibility for services when they gave our laws so little regard as to feel free and thwart them when they were inconvenient?

But, instead of logical and practical solutions, we have politicians pushing for a citizenship option or nothing else approach.  Ask yourself, does this approach seem more likely to benefit you or the politicians who are pushing it?