Democrat’s enthusiam gap isn’t just political.

Posted on September 12, 2010

Single Payer Now!

Image by NESRI via Flickr

 I can understand Democrats lagging Republicans in enthusiasm for voting in this November’s elections.  After all, many on the far left are disappointed that while their party held the Senate, the House,  and the Presidency, they couldn’t fulfill some of their deepest desires like single-payer health care or the removal of all troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.  While the moderate Dems have been discouraged by the Obama administration’s incompetence in handling the BP oil spill, the bullying of Arizona with lawsuits, and the seeming perpetual ignorance of what to do in order to get the economy humming again while simultaneously spending massive amounts of money that we don’t have.  

The disappointment is so widely felt on the left side of the aisle that Democrats aren’t even enjoying the news as much anymore.   From Politics Daily:  

 A lot has been made in this election year about the “enthusiasm gap” between Republicans and Democrats when it comes to interest and intention to vote in the midterm elections, with Republicans enjoying as much as a 2-to-1 advantage by some measures. But apparently, the lesser enthusiasm among Democrats in this year of grim forecasts for the party extends to reading, watching or listening to the news.  

 In 2008, when the force was flowing for presidential candidate Barack Obama and other Democrats running for office, 67 percent of liberal Democrats said they enjoyed the news “a lot,” a number that now has fallen to 45 percent, according to a Pew Research Center survey on the media based on data collected in June. Fifty-eight percent of self-described conservative and moderate Democrats said they enjoyed the news in 2008, a number that is now down to 46 percent.  

According to the Pew Report, it’s not clear what caused the decline in Democrat enthusiasm.  Maybe the news is just a daily reminder of how their party, with total government control, hasn’t measured up to whatever lofty goals they had created in their minds. Whatever the cause, I will offer some consolation, they’ll always have this.