Latest voice to call for changing the health care law: President Obama

Posted on September 13, 2010

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If he or any of the other Democrats who voted for the monstrosity had actually read the bill, they wouldn’t be in this position today.

From Politico:

For the first time, the White House is asking Congress to amend the finished health care overhaul.

The Obama administration Monday urged senators to scale back a tax reporting requirement in the health care law.

The law requires businesses to track all cumulative purchases from vendors that total $600 or more in one year. The provision was designed to raise revenue for the health care law but has been universally panned by the business community, which anticipates a mountain of new paperwork to comply.  (emphasis mine)
The amendment, from Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), would scale back the reporting requirements to cumulative purchases of more than $5,000 per year and exclude companies with fewer than 25 employees. So far, no Republicans have voiced support for the amendment.
Hmm.  Now why would Republicans not be jumping all over themselves to sign on supporting this amendment?  Because they have an amendment of their own.

The expanded 1099 reporting requirements are expected to be the first part of the overhaul to get the ax. It was designed to raise more than $17 billion in revenue, but business groups across the political spectrum strongly oppose it.

The Senate is expected to hold procedural votes on the Nelson amendment and a Republican alternative Tuesday, but neither is expected to pass.

Republicans oppose the Nelson amendment because it would be paid for by imposing a new tax on oil companies and doesn’t provide enough relief from the new reporting requirements. (emphasis mine)

Geithner and Sebelius said they strongly oppose the amendment from Sen. Mike Johanns (R-Neb.), which would completely repeal the 1099 provision. It would be paid for by removing money from a fund created by the health care overhaul designed to promote prevention and wellness. (emphasis mine)

Democrats pushed this 2,000+ page health care law onto the country without even knowing what was in it.  Hidden inside was this burdensome requirement written to generate funds for the law.   Now businesses are speaking out and Democrats are retreating but still need to find a way to fund the loss in revenue from scaling back their requirements.  Their first solution: tax increases which ultimately get passed on to the consumer. 
In contrast, Republicans have a common sense solution:  repeal the requirement and reallocate other funds to pay for the loss.  This way, no additional taxes are imposed and no albatross of requirements are hung around the necks of businesses.