Blog News of Note — September 16, 2010

Posted on September 16, 2010

Harry Reid (D-NV), United States Senator from ...

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News stories and commentary not to be missed: 

  • First it was reported by Fox News that in an effort to garner votes for his re-election, Harry Reid had announced he’d be using a defense authorization bill as the foundation for two amendments including the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and a pathway to citizenship for some illegals in the form of the DREAM act.  I thought this would put Senator McCain in an uncomfortable spot because, at one time, McCain actually supported the DREAM act and a pathway to citizenship for a large number of illegal immigrants.  But, after his sprint back to the right to win his primary, McCain had to rebuke his earlier position and it was reported that McCain was going head to head against Reid on this bill.  I pondered: had this vote come AFTER the general election, with McCain firmly back in his senate seat, would he be willing to vote for it?   Now it looks like I’ll get the answer to my question. The Hill has come out with a story that Senator Reid has postponed the vote on this bill until the lame duck session (the time after the election but before the new congress is sworn in in January).   So, the question holds: if McCain is re-elected and sent back to the Senate, will he vote yes or no on the DREAM act contained in  the bill? Remember, this will most likely be his last term and there’s little accountability to the voters from  here on out?  Will McCain once again embrace “the maverick?”
  • Just to show you how nervous the Dems are about the upcoming elections in November, Speaker Pelosi is refusing to comment on whether she’ll let the Bush tax cuts expire on the most wealthy. 
  • “Nancy Pelosi? Nancy Pelosi? Paging Nancy Pelosi.”  We’re going to find out just how much of the swamp you’ve refused to drain
  • With all the Christine O’Donnell bashing going on, much by the GOP itself, you’d be surprised to know that she has already had her first debate with the Democrat candidate, and from The Hill’s report, it sounds like she did rather well.
  • Byron York gives his opinion of the GOP bashing of O’Donnell.
  • At Hot Air: Great news: $111 million in stimulus money to L.A. produces … 54 jobs 
  • At Cubachi: The postal service will finally be privatized… in England?  As she points out, it’s something neither the Democrats nor Republicans in Congress here have the nerve to even attempt.
  • A former teacher in Manhattan is being held on charges that he attempted to send assault weapons to terror groups in the Middle East.
  • The woman in Washington who claimed another woman splashed her face with acid has now admitted that it was a hoax and she, in fact, had splashed the acid on her own face.