Violence against the media continues in Mexico

Posted on September 17, 2010

Ciudad Juarez en Chihuahua

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Continuing violence against the media in the town that has become one of the most dangerous in the world: Ciudad Juarez.

From Yahoo News (Canada):

 Gunmen attacked two newspaper photographers in the drug war-torn border city of Ciudad Juarez, killing one and seriously wounding the other.

Luis Carlos Santiago and Carlos Sanchez, of the Diario de Juarez, were driving to lunch Thursday when gunmen in two cars intercepted them and opened fire, newspaper director Pedro Torres told The Associated Press.

Santiago, 21, was killed and Sanchez was in serious condition, Torres said.

Mexican journalists are increasingly under siege from drug cartels seeking to control the flow of information.

 The Committee to Protect Journalists, a New York-based watchdog group, said in a recent report that at least 22 Mexican journalists have been killed since December 2006, when President Felipe Calderon intensified a crackdown on drug cartels by deploying tens of thousands of troops and federal police across the country.

 Gang violence has since surged, claiming more than 28,000 lives as the splintered cartels fight with each other and attack on security forces, government officials and journalists.

 The story states that many news outlets have stopped covering the drug cartels violence in fear of retribution by the cartels themselves.  This paper, however, had not.  Perhaps that’s the reason for the attack.

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