President Obama’s Aunt Zeituni: “If I come as an immigrant, you have the obligaton to make me a citizen.”

Posted on September 21, 2010

After being granted amnesty back in May, President Obama’s Aunt Zeituni is speaking out about her time living in the United States, most of which has been in violation of our immigration laws. 

Zeituni Onyango came to the United States in 2000. She claims she became deathly ill after arriving in the country and was hospitalized. Upon her recovery, she says she had no money to return to Kenya and lived as a homeless person in a shelter for two years. She admits to knowingly overstaying her visa. And even though a judge ordered her to leave the country and return to Kenya in 2004, she ignored the order and suffered no consequences. In fact, Aunt Zeituni was still able to attend Barack Obama’s swearing-in ceremonies for both the Illinois Senate seat he won and his Presidential inauguration. 

As an illegal immigrant, she’s been provided with public housing and subsequently gets money from the government because a doctor said she’s medically unable to work. She says she’s received no help from her nephew, neither legal preferential treatment, nor financial aid.  In fact, she still lives in public housing today. 

For someone who’s received so much at the taxpayers’ expense, she’s not exactly singing the praises of America’s generosity. In fact, she seems down right ungrateful. If she comes here as an immigrant, she says we have an OBLIGATION to make her a citizen.  How’s that coming from someone who’s never paid in to the system from which she benefits? 

Below is the interview Aunt Zeituni gave to WBZ’s Jonathan Elias. Listen for yourself to her almost disdainful attitude toward the country she now calls home: 

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